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Summer school: the 4th edition carrying out activities in Cameroon

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With its success last year, the 4th edition of the Summer school on the mining industries in French-speaking Africa, organized from 18th to 30th August 2014, started last Monday in the Cameroonian capital town.

The initiative came from the Center of Excellence for the Governance in the Mining Industries in French-speaking Africa (CEGIAF) with the support of the Natural Ressource Governance Institute (former Revenue Watch Institute) and from other partners among which the United States of America Embassy and France.

The training is taking place at the Catholic University of Central Africa (UCAC) and concerns 32 participants selected in French-speaking Africa nine countries.

They are members of Parliament, members of civil society organizations and journalists who will be equipped with knowledge and skills allowing them to improve the quality of their works and positively influence the transparent and responsible management of mining industries in French-speaking Africa.

This year, they came from Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Ivory Coast, Congo, DR of Congo, Guinea, Niger, Senegal, Chad and Togo.

The program for Monday got the introduction of the session on problems connected with the mining industries.

Investments analysis afterward followed by the presentation of the theme on extractive industries political economy.

Let us note that this high-level training will be punctuated during these two weeks by international conferences, visits on the fields and practical class.


Original text by: Blaise AKAME

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