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Africa Progress Panel: The report 2014 awaited on Thursday!

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The report 2014 of « Africa Progress Panel » will be published on Thursday in Abuja (Nigeria) during the world economic Forum on Africa. The green and blue revolutions will be evoked in this document which analyzes every year the progress registered on Africa.

Eminent personalities who compose the panel of APP are convinced that Africa has to revolutionize its agriculture and fishing. In the report that will be published on Thursday, they will try to convince African decision-makers to take advantage of increasing world demand for food in order to make a green revolution. The report will also evoke improvement of infrastructures and extension of financial services in Africa. Illicit wood traffic in Africa will also be part of the agenda.

Africa Progress Panel (APP) is a group of ten eminent personalities coming from private and public sectors that mobilize in favor of a fair and sustainable development for Africa. Mr Kofi Annan, former United Nations Secretary General and Nobel Peace Prize, chairs the APP and is closely involved in his daily work.

The Panel has for vocation to facilitate creation of coalitions, deepen and communicate knowledge and incite decision-makers to influence development policies in order to create change in Africa. The Panel has vast networks of political analysts all over Africa. By gathering experts centered on Africa, APP contributes to elaboration of policies basing on factual data.


 Original text by: Roger ADZAFO


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