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SYMPHOS 2015: towards the implementation of excellent centers

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The 3rd International Symposium on Innovation and Technology in the phosphate industry (SYMPHOS) concluded its work on Wednesday in Marrakech (Morocco) with recommendations of participating experts among which « establish excellent centers on geology and phosphate in Africa using the expertise and the knowledge of SYMPHOSexperts for fertility cards in Africa and develop new fertilizers that correspond to different qualities of soil. »

« From the work of the participants, ideas have emerged; first, set up excellent centers on geology and phosphate in Africa, using the expertise and knowledge of SYMPHOS experts for fertility cards in Africa, develop new fertilizers that correspond to different qualities of soil and crops », expressed the Director of Research and Development (R & D) of the OCP Group, Mr. Rachid Boulif, closing the SYMPHOS 2015.

He also pointed out the relevance of technology innovation in terms of transport and transfer of phosphate by pipeline for the export of fertilizer in the world. The slurry pipeline is in this way a technological achievement with its transport capacity of 38 million tons annually. It provides a successful and ecological solution for achieving the strategic goals of increasing the production and transport capacity of phosphates.

« Make sure that we will work on these issues, » reassured the Director of R & D, to congratulate himself for « three memorable days of intense activities to share our knowledge, our ideas on innovation and new technologies, three precious days to plan for the future, because for us OCP, innovation is the source of life. »

Mr. Rachid Boulif moreover recommended to the participants to organize, on an African scale, sessions and training workshops for local farmers by expert agronomists.

The OCP group that intends playing a leading role in the process of improving agricultural productivity in Africa actively promotes in that way the development of agriculture by focusing on support for producers and also its innovation capabilities and expertise in the field of Fertilizer serving institutions and operators, depending on their needs.

In this context, OCP has set up for three years a proactive and responsible strategy for the development of African agriculture through the implementation of a global solution and concrete actions to support food production that is materialized among others the deployment of agricultural caravan in Africa from which Guinea Conakry currently benefit.

Agricultural caravan is one of the driving forces for the OCP support system intended to educate farmers on good agricultural practices. Its strength lies in the educational presentations and outreach sessions presented for the benefit of farmers participating by Expert-agronomists.

These presentations concern the spreading of good agricultural practices and highlight the role of fertilizers and nourishing elements, new fertilizer formulas specifically developed for crops grown. All these elements are intended to enable small agricultural producers to significantly improve their productivity and increase their incomes.

For three days, the 3rd edition of SYMPHOS was presented, mainly six plenary conferences, by experts and specialists in various sectors of the phosphate industry, 109 oral communications planned on 14 thematic sessions, 40 communications divided in seven workshops on topics such as geology, agriculture in Africa, three round tables dealing with approaches and practices of innovation in management and R & D.


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