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Tiken Jah Fakoly: «Building a school in each country of Africa»

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Tiken Jah Fakolyla Bellevilloise - Paris 20le 8/10/2007crŽdit : Pierre-jean Grouille

The Ivorian artist, Ticken Jah Fakoly known for his political commitment, has been working in the social domain since a few years. In an interview granted to the Ivorian site,, he reaffirmed his ambition to build a school in every African country. For the moment he already realized five works and he hopes to continue his project.

« We have toady 20.000 euros in an account for the building of a school in Guinea. My big dream is to be able to build a school in every African country. We built five schools, it remains 39 and we are going to continue« , indicated the man considered as one of the pioneers of the French-speaking reggae music.

Tiken Jah Fakoly who is now preparing a tour for his album « Dernier Appel« , specified that the profits will participate in the building of a school. « At the end of this big tour (with Dernier Appel), receipts will contribute to the building of a school in Guinea in addition to 2000 euros« .

For the Ivorian artist, only school can save Africa. « I think that it is school that is going to wake Africa up and when Africa is up, it is will hurt much« .

1996: Mangercratie
1999: Cours d’histoire n°190 France
2000: Le Caméléon n°97 France
2002: Françafrique n°23 France
2004: Coup de gueule n°19 France
2007: L’Africain, n°4 France, n°41 Suisse
2008: Live à Paris, n°63 France
2010: African Revolution, Universal Music

2014 : Dernier Appel


Original text by: Roger ADZAFO

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