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Tiken Jah Fakoly: « Didier Drogba, the only peacemaker of Ivory Coast »

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Tiken Jah Fakolyla Bellevilloise - Paris 20le 8/10/2007crŽdit : Pierre-jean Grouille

Our colleagues of Top Africa Sports announced it. The Ivory Coast striker, Didier Drogba retired from his international career. The new recruit of Chelsea (his club idol) was just praised by one of the great voices of the African music. The Ivory Coast artist, Ticken Jah Fakoly expressed on the site of the French magazine, Le Parisien, all his admiration to the ex-captain of the Elephants of Ivory Coast.

« Didier Drogba is my pride, he is our pride. He is a famous player who marked his time and who continues to play even at 36 years old. He plays a very important role in the reconciliation of Ivory Coast. I think that the only Ivorian who can reconcile Ivorians remains Didier Drogba. Everybody adores him from the north to the south« , indicated Tiken.

For the artist, author of the album « Dernier appel« , his commitment and his musical genre do not allow him to conduct the reconciliation in his country. « As we make reggae, we are a little politicized. I cannot tell you that I can play this role there today. I have an opinion different from the one of certain people that I respect« , he expressed.

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