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Abdou Diouf: he evokes his public life in the past

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A few days ahead of the end of his mandate at the head of the International Organization of the Francophonie, the Senegalese, Abdou Diouf published in Seuil publishing house, a memory that traces back the best memories of one the famous Africans of our time.

The former president of Senegal did not however forget to evoke his difficult times. He speaks about betrayals and his political failures. Africa Top Success proposes you as below, an extract of the memory of Abdou Diouf.

It was from the time I was removed from my governor duties of Sine Saloum that, for the first time, I was really confronted with the ungratefulness of people. I was then able to realize that as long as you are authority, people are faithful to you and respect your, but as soon as you fall in disgrace or they believe you look like that, some of them do not consider you anymore and they leave.

It is the case of this religious leader who, when I was still a governor, asked me to establish him a cooperative in a village of the region. At the time of leaving my duties, I found it better to get the order before leaving, so that my successor can quickly finalize the project. I diligently did with the respect I dedicated to this leader. I thus signed the act and I wanted to tell him on telephone not to worry, because I did everything. I got a big surprise. One of his followers kept me waiting for a long time and at the end, somebody else took the phone and told me: « Governor, the master greets you and asked me to tell you that he is now very busy but he wishes you the best« .


Original text by: Roger ADZAFO  

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