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Election / Fifa: Africa claims its candidate

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Africa will no more wish good luck to western candidates at the head of Fifa. The surprising resignation of Joseph Blatter at the head of the greatest authority of the world football gives ideas to African leaders.

Joined by the Senegalese News agency (Aps), the vice-president of the Senegalese football federation considers that Africa abounds in competent human resources to defend its interests at the international level.

« The time when we have to continue being a stepladder for others is over because we have skills that can preside over the fates of the world football (…) Funds generated by FIFA and sent to Africa belong to everybody and I am convinced that with 54 member federations and a well tied up program, it is possible to make a candidate elected« , declared Abdoulaye Sow.

The vice-president of the FSF is supported in his logic by several leaders of the Senegalese football.

« Africa, Asia and Latin America experience situations different from those of Europe (…) We have specificities that only people having the same problems as we are can solve« , declared Ndofféne Fall, the former midfielder of Senegal in the 80s.

As a reminder, Blatter did not stand against the series of corruption scandals that fall on his close collaborators.


Original text by: Roger ADZAFO

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