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Senegal: Thione Seck risks life imprisonment

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The legend of the Senegalese music, Thione Seck is involved in a forged banknotes case since last 27th May. After a few days of police custody, he has just been transferred to the civil prison, the time to go further in investigations.

The judge Samba Sall of the 2nd judge’s chambers charged the Senegalese artist for « swindling and whitewashing« . An important amount of forged banknotes in euros was found in the place of residence of Thione Seck. The aforementioned amount is estimated at 30 billion FCFA.

According to the West-African site,, the artist risks life imprisonment if he is declared guilty of aforesaid infractions.

The same source specifies that another man considered as « brain » of the operations was also arrested. The police found during a search in the house of the latter all the manufacturing industry of forged banknotes.

The Senegalese artist always cries out his innocence. « A Gambian called me from Sweden and talked to me about a tour. Then an Ivorian came and gave me a suitcase full of banknotes in euros. The same guy came back to my place but as soon as he shook me hands, I started fully obeying to his orders. He asked me to find him 85 million FCFA [130 000 euros] to allow him travel, the time we finalize the contract with our lawyers. I immediately gave him the money without flinching« , he declared.


Original text by: Roger ADZAFO

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