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Girls Coding Camp: initiate the Senegalese women to ITCS

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During the International Day of Girls in ICTS in Senegal in May 2014, Mrs Régina Mbodj (photo), manager of the Croissance TIC Dakar (CTIC) (ICTS Growth) regretted the lack of implication of women in the ICTS sector.

« All the positions of responsibility in ICTS sector are occupied by men. The latters are more favored for the access to IT tool than women« , supported the latter.

In order to fill this inoperated high women potential, Jjiguene Tech, the first women ICTS hub in Senegal, organized in association with ImagiNation Afrika and WeTech, the « Girls Coding Camp » that was kept from 20th to 22nd February in Louga (north-west of Senegal).

By initiating such a meeting, the organizers intended to gather, encourage and federate the Senegalese around the information and communication technologies.

« Jjiguene » means woman in Wolof. In Senegal, Women are less represented in the ICTS field, in a country where the Internet sector represents more than 3 % of the GDP, according to the Mc Kinsey cabinet; and it is the highest rate in Africa.

The four founders of the Jiguene hub Tech expect to allow more women to give way in this very sector still kept for men.

These enthusiasts of computing thus organized the « Girls Coding Camp » in Louga in the north-west of Senegal from 20th to 22nd February. The initiative got the training of 50 young high school girls in the basic techniques of the Web as well as in entrepreneurship and leadership.

At the end, they will have to create the web site of their school by using HTML5 and CSS3. Other trainings of this type are planned in Thiès, Mbour and Rufisque.

Jjiguene Tech is women developers and entrepreneurs network opened to all those who wish to join the market of the new technologies. The hub would like to incite the young Senegalese ladies to join sciences, technology, engineering and mathematics sectors.


Original text by: Blaise AKAME

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