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Development: Africa seen by the Senegalese artist Shoula Ndiaye

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On the site of the Senegalese News agency, the promoter of the music festival Shula Acoustic Tour, Shoula Ndiaye expressed her desire to see Africa becoming identified by its cultures rather than pictures of war and poverty.

The Senegalese artist considers that her continent has valuable to stand out in the world. « It is not normal when talking about Africa, it is always about conflicts. It’s high time we developed an Africa proud of its culture, its political history and its role in the world geopolitics« , she declared.

For the third edition of Shula Acoustic, the theme chosen is « Africa ça Kanam« . The launching ceremony will take place in the next days in Gorée but the event will be held in several localities of the country.

Revealed to the public in 1996 by a featuring realized with Ouza Diallo on the album Demb, Shula quickly got a break to take care of her studies.

Fulfilled woman, she uses her voice and her skills serving the most disadvantaged today. In 2010 she started a fund raising operation to help poor children in Daaras. Shula also launched herself into the fight against malaria.


Original text by: Roger ADZAFO

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