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Afro Technology: Bringing ICTS towards rural populations of Togo

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ICTS (Information and Communication Technologies) have become over time an essential tool for educational system. If in Togolese big cities the access to computer is more or less easy, such is not the case in the far distant villages where electricity is seldom available.

In order to reduce the digital fracture and give the same chance to children in the villages of Togo, Afro Technology association proceeded on Wednesday, 8th October 2014 to the launching of PTV (Virtual Technological Bridge in Togo) project.

In spite of its young age, « Afro Technology » association is very ambitious. Chaired by the young Koffi Jean Paul Avekoe, the non-profit organization based in the United States (Texas) intends to boost data processing for pupils in villages of Kele Tutu, Amou-Oblo and Kpegnon respectively in prefectures of Kloto, Amou and Haho.

For JP. Avekoe, the choice of these three villages to host the experimental phase of the project is explained on one hand by the rural character of these localities and his personal links to them.

The « Virtual and Technological Bridge » project includes installation of computer bookshops composed of 10 computers per village connected to sun panels. The equipment gracefully offered by Afro Technology association was presented to the press on Wednesday. They will help 500 beneficiaries to get familiar with computer tool.

The association is also planning to supply the schools with videos projectors, printers and office automation software in order to improve learning conditions for learners.

For the youth in the capital town, Afro technology intends to create computer Hubs that will allow ICTS geeks to share their knowledge.

« I hope they will appreciate our action. I hope they can also return the favor to other persons by knowing that somebody spends his time to help them. I believe they will be happy« , declared the chairman, Koffi Jean Paul Avekoe.

Created in March 2014, Afro Technology is registered in the USA according to the legislation of 1946. It has for mission to supply practical technological helps to African countries. The association benefits from the experience of its chairman who is the CEO of Hardi Technology Group Inc Company specialized in the management of computer projects and the sale of computer equipment.

Original text by: Roger ADZAFO

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