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Algeria: lodge your complaint on-line now!

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Algeria is at the forefront technology and the modernization of the public administration has become true.

End of hassles, endless queues in front of court premises. It is henceforth possible to the Algerians to lodge an on-line complaint. This, through a device set up since Monday by the Algerian government.

Through the http://ppgn.mdn.dz site, the plaintiff can lodge a pre-complaint which he will thus have to validate at the level of the various police stations and according to the established appointment.

According to Col. Guir Badaoui, manager of the on-line data processing under the command of the Algerian National Police « this approach joins a closeness concept » and aims at « facilitating the citizen to lodge complaints, avoiding him movements and especially making him save time« .

« The plaintiff will have to fill in a form where he will mention his address and among others, his phone number, full name and his e-mail address, before starting the section where to explain the subject and the contents of his complaint. Once the formfilled, the pre-complaint is recorded by our services that will give him an appointment for the validation of his complaint and the signing of the report« , explained Colonel Badaoui.

Colonel Guir Badaoui However continued that « any complaint not validated is automatically deleted at the end of 30 days. So, all complaints are considered, including those emanating from minors« .

Concerning the confidentiality of the information and the identity given by the plaintiffs, the Manager of the on-line data processing under the command of the Algerian National Police reassured the citizens.

This, by particularly announcing that the site that is not accessible from foreign countries and especially is just conveying information and is in no way a database.

« Once the complaint validated, all its related information is deleted« , he specified.

For his part, Colonel Redjem Djamel, manager of the National Center for the fight against cybercrime, reassured that « all measures were taken to avoid any hacking attempt of the site« .

« Any means are also available to know the identity of a possible hacker and take him before the existing legislation« , added the latter.

The launching ceremony of the platform got the presence of the representatives of the mobile phone operators and the Algeria Telecom.


Original text by: Blaise AKAME 

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