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Batman Vs Superman: Ebola got the upper hand in the shooting in Morocco

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It started well for a wonderful opportunity for the country of Mohamed VI to forget a little bit the bad memory of the transfer of AFCON 2015 to Equatorial Guinea and the sanctions that followed.

In fact, the team of the movie, « Batman Vs Superman« , the last opus by saga Batman, that should travel to Morocco for the shooting of some film footages of the movie, finally gave up its filming in the country preferring thus to realize the aforementioned film footages in New Mexico in the South of the United States.

According to the American press that reported the news, the producers and the staff of the movie cancelled their shooting in Morocco because of the threat of the mortal Ebola virus.

Nevertheless, no case was registered at the national level till today.

Batman and Spider-Man are always considered as two famous American super-heroes.

Symbols of both publishing houses that created them, they succeeded in going through years with solidity and balance, according to dozens of authors that made them developed and generations of readers that followed them.

Today, with « Batman Vs Superman« , that the release is planned for 2016, both American super-heroes will finally play in a single movie for the happiness of their fans.

The director of the movie, Zack Snyder promised a top confrontation of two legendary characters of the American cinema.



Original text by: Blaise AKAME

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