Benin: Two telephony companies summoned to pay 176 million to customers

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In Africa, rare are the consumers who accept to lodge a complaint against large companies that supply services of bad qualities. The outspoken remarks from users are higher regarding telecommunication where costs remain relatively high in spite of the bad quality of offers.

Henceforth, tactless mobile phone operators will not be immune from prosecution any more. Benin has just taken the lead by ordering two companies to pay one hundred seventy six million one hundred seventy four thousand eight hundred and forty six Francs (176 174 846 FCFA) of credits to injured subscribers.

The penalty taken by the Authority for the Regulation of Electronic Communications and Post office concerns SPACETEL BENIN and ETISALAT BENIN companies. A dysfunction in their invoicing system was noticed.

The authority for the regulation also asked Glo MOBILE BENIN to make its pricing plans validate within 72 hours by its institution. All these various measures were taken during the ARCEP-BENIN first ordinary session of May.


Original text by: Roger ADZAFO

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