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Benin: Welcome to the 4G!

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A new era is opened for Benin regarding telecommunication and ICTS with the launch of the deployment works for the 4G platform with the regular operator, BeninTelecoms.

It is the Head of State himself, Yayi Boni, who chaired at the beginning of the week, the launching ceremony that devotes the entrance of Benin to the great 4G family.

Its managing director, Djalil Assouma, praised the turning point that this innovation constitutes « that henceforth registers our country in the rank of the pioneers in the sub-region« .

« A stream of reforms was carried out to catch up the delay registered by Benin, particularly, the reduction of the internet connection costs, the opportunities and the reductions granted to the subscribers of the conventional lines, the reduction of cost for the access to the bandwidth, the substantial reduction of the subscription delay, etc. », asserted Mr. Assouma.

He specified that « with the advent of the 4G, the opening of the point of presence (Pop) and the release into service of the single window, Benin telecoms straight joins the modernity era« .

For Jean Dansou Gbéto, Minister in charge of communications and ICTS, these various investments join the vision of the government to set up the bases of a digital economy in our country.

« The implementation and the follow-up of the reforms aim at making of the digital technology the thing shared the best in the world« , he pointed out.

« We place this ceremony under the sign of the modernization of our economy, the creation of wealth and employment« .

While regretting the delay taken by Benin in the domain, Boni Yayi appreciates the current reforms that gradually change and modernize the whole national network.

For him, the split of Benin telecoms into several branches that are Benin Telecoms infrastructures, Benin Telecoms services and Libercom, constitutes a suitable answer to the current change in the sector.

He hammered that all these reforms enter right line of our vision to make of our country, one of the digital districts of the sub-region.

The Head of State seized the opportunity to exhort the private sector, mainly the GSM operators to follow the example of Benin telecoms for a real digital revolution in our country.


Original text by: Blaise AKAME

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