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Botswana: video conference in the schools soon

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The government of Botswana wants to be at the forefront of the information and communication technologies (ICTS).

And the education sector is also a part of this technological revolution that joins the Education and Training Strategic Plan (ETSSP).

In fact, the authorities of the country plan the use of video conference as ICTS integration means in the public schools of the country.

According to Shadrack Majwabe, the coordinator of the ETSSP, « with this innovation, the government wants to allow the school boys and girls to benefit from a distance learning« .

« They will follow courses in the cars of their parents, buses and taxis« , asserted Majwabe who added that the ETSSP is a 5 year plan and thus, the impact will be only noticed in 2020 due to the accessibility to tools as reason among others that should be considered.

« There are things we shall consider at first, the expenses in particular« , the coordinator of the ETSSP moreover underlined.


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