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Burkina Faso: Mariam Sankara welcomed with great fanfare

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It was a jubilant crowd that came to Ouagadougou airport to welcome on Thursday, 14th May, Mariam Sankara, the widow of the former president, Thomas Sankara, who has lived in exile Montpellier, France since the murder of her husband in 1987.

The return of the former first lady of Burkina Faso is within the framework of the investigation concerning the death of her late husband, Thomas Sankara, leader of the revolution of 1983.

For the record, Thomas Sankara was murdered 4 years after took the power during a coup d’état that brought the former deposed president, Blaise Compaoré, into power.

Mrs. Mariam Sankara should thus be heard next 18th May by the judge who has been investigating for several months the circumstances of the death of her husband.

She will also participate in the convention of the political parties favorable to Sankara the has for main objective to choose a candidate for the presidential election of October 2015.

It is eight years since the former first lady has set foot in her country. RFI underlines that for almost 30 years during Blaise Compaoré’s reign, she had come back only once, in 2007, having left Faso with her two sons to join Gabon at first, then France, further to the coup d’état of 1987 in which Thomas Sankara, leader of the Burkinabe revolution, was killed.

Mariam Sankara praised the courage and the determination of the « martyrs » of the uprising. « I find it necessary to thank all those who contributed to that; those who chased the dictator, Blaise Compaoré away, I am happy, proud to step on the lands of Burkina Faso« , she declared.

« You have showed that united, determined and conscious of stakes of your time, no country can build its future without you« , she addressed the young people.

She finally called on the transition government to carry out the change expected by the Burkinabe people.


Original text by:Blaise AKAME

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