Burundi: Bob Rugurika released and received a hero’s welcome

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It was a great flood of people that welcomed the journalist of the African Public Radio (RPA), released on Thursday, 19th February on bail of 15 million Burundian francs, further to a decision made the day before by the Court of Appeal of Burundi.

Men, women, public servants, jobless persons and children mobilized themselves by hundreds at the announcement of his release, to express their enjoyment and support to Bob Rugurika, blamed for being involved in the murder of three nuns.

According to RFI, in spite of the warning from the minister of the interior, Edourad Nduwimana, the Burundians defied the authority to show their enjoyment.

The police agents deployed with riot-control materials could do nothing to stop the flood of the demonstrators.

By the way, Bob Rugurika presented a broadcasting program during which he was very thankful to the demonstrators and declared that the murderers will be known sooner or later.

« We are happy even if the case is still pending in the court. We continue requesting the clarification on the real murderers of the three Sisters« , declared Bob Rugurika’s lawyer.

Bob Rugurika was arrested and imprisoned on last 21st January. He was blamed for being involved in the murder of three Whites Sisters, a fact occurred in September 2014.

The Burundian justice blamed other charges on him, namely: « complicity of murder« , « breach of public solidarity« , « violation of investigation secrecy » and « criminals’ receiving« .


Original text by:Blaise AKAME

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