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Congolese Music: Papa Wemba is back with his «Maitre d’école»

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papa-w-488x400« Maître d’école » is the name of Papa Wemba’s next album planned to come out 20th June 2014. And take a deep breath please; it is an opus « 100 % rumba » with 24 titles.

On the album, we note collaborations with the diva Barbara Kanarn as well as other famous names such as Jossart Nyoka Longo and JB Mpiana.

Composer-songwriter whose works continue to seduce the world, Papa Wemba intends through « Maître d’école« , to restore Congolese music’s old glories, or better, its eternal glories.

Because, for the artist, « Congolese rumba will never have wrinkles ».

Papa Wemba who lives a part of the year in Brussels, is currently recording the aforementioned album between Paris and Kinshasa.


 Original text by: Blaise AKAME


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