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Disk sale: Maître Gims has broken all records with « Subliminal »

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At a time when recording industry goes more and more badly with on-line downloads, the solo album « subliminal » of Maître Gims, former leader of Sexion D’assaut, is being sold like hot cakes.

The very first opus exceeded 700 000 sales. A lightning success of the artist who has the merit to be called a « super star » in the way that the French-Congolese rapper is doing better than Daft Punk. Booba sold 170.000 copies of « Futur », La Fouine reached 90.000 for his « Drôle de parcours » and Rohff sold 85.000 copies of « P.D.R.G. ».

Very recently, Maître Gims inaugurated his first shop, « Vortex ». Dozens of his fans attended the ceremony.

« I first of all created this brand for myself in the sense that I like getting dressed very much, I go shopping much. And I am always say that I would like to have clothes that I did not necessarily find in stores, and Vortex is really things I want to put on », specified the rapper.

As one of his million fans would say it, Meugui succeeds all that he undertakes.


 Original text by: Blaise AKAME

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