X-Maleya: The Cameroonian in attraction at Olympia on 14th September

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The Cameroonian group X-Maleya, is no more satisfied with seducing its local public. Roger, Auguste and Haïssama decided to value their talents in other climes. The trio thus set out to conquer Europe. Olympia, the mythical room that consecrates talents of the world will welcome the group on 14th September.

With four albums to their credit (« Exile » in 2006, « X Maleya » in 2009, « All together » in 2011 and « Revolution » in 2013), X-Maleya is listed among the best music groups in Cameroon and in Africa. The young rising stars of Cameroon are nominated in the category of « Better African artist » for « Trace Urbain Music Awards. »

Roger, Auguste and Haïssama sing in bassa, French and in English. In spite of the western touch that they give to their music, they never forget their African origin. In French-speaking Africa, the group is considered as the king of Afro Pop.

Original text by: Roger ADZAFO

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