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Kundé 2014: Who will be elected the best artist of Burkina Faso?

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Burkina Faso will honor on 25th April the most deserving showbiz actors. For the 14th edition of Kundé, the steering committee extended the competition to 14 categories (10 main prizes and 4 special prizes.)

The category « The best featuring of Burkina-Faso » is the innovation added to the list. It consists of « Women » of Rovane feat Imilo The Lucky, « Nonga » of Awa Nadia feat Dicko Fils and « Zénabo » of Leekma feat Issouf Compaoré.

« We noticed that this genre considerably developed these recent years. Reason why we created this category », explained the committee.

Several African artists of whom Amadou and Mariam of Mali and Zaiko langa langa group of Central Africa are expected in this cultural meeting. The musicians Wizboyy of Nigeria and Meiway of Ivory Coast are stars of this Kundé 14th edition.

Concerning Burkina-Faso, Greg, Awa Boussim, Pamika the star, Floby and Rama will make the show during awards ceremony. The artist Dez Altino won Golden Kundé during the previous edition of the competition.

Categories list here below by Africa Top Success


The 10 main prizes

Golden Kundé

kundé of the best traditional artist

The best artist of religious modern music

The best modern song of traditional inspiration

Kundé of the artist the most played night clubs

The best video clip

The best featuring of the year of Burkina Faso

The revelation of the year

The best hope

The best feminine artist


The 4 special Prizes

Kundé of the best artist of Burkina Faso diaspora

The best artist of West Africa

The best artist of Central Africa

The best featuring of African integration


Original text by: Roger ADZAFO

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