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Day of the African Child: Senegal is calling for mobilization for the youth

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The international community celebrates every 16th June, the Day of the African Child. In Senegal, the date was marked by a puppet show entitled « When everything was green« . This entertaining meeting was offered to the children by the embassy of Israel and the National Big Theater of Senegal.


The celebration of the Day of the African Child was the opportunity for Mohamed Touré, director for communications and public relations of the Senegalese ministry of childhood, to call actors working in favor of children on the continent to mobilize themselves.


« The day is a convenient moment to review the accomplished progress and the existing challenges to assure the full realization of children rights. Indeed, the success of these plea moments requires the mobilization of all the actors committed to the cause of the rights and the welfare of the child. Because, it is only when we unite our forces that we shall reach the goals fixed within the framework of this noble mission that we assigned », indicated the representative of the Minister quoted by APA.


The edition 2014 of the day is placed under the sign of education of children. Mohamed Touré reminded the actions of the Senegalese government regarding protection of the right of the children. He among others praised the merits of the National Strategy for the Protection of the Child (SNPE) adopted by Senegal.




Original text by: Roger ADZAFO


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