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DR of Congo/Akon: «We should support Africa»

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The American star of Senegalese origin, Akon is multiplying actions in favor of his continent of origin. « The Ghetto child » is since Friday in Democratic Republic of Congo where he has been participating in Goma in the celebration of the international peace day. Placed under the theme « right of peoples to peace« , this day (21st September) is the opportunity for the star to share the podium with other African artists particularly from Goma.

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Since Friday, Akon landed in DR of Congo within the framework of « Peace one Day ». The Senegalese artist who has been working since a few years with his foundation on the continent did not hesitate to join the initiative.

« Every year, the event is held at a different place. This year, it is the turn of Congo. It is the movement that calls on to a day of world peace. It is an enormous step. Even if people say that it is only for one day, they are the one to make so that it does not last only one day. We can only launch the initiative and hope that it is followed. But I think that a peace day during which each one can go to meet his worst enemy and tell him: « how can we make peace in these 24 hours and end up with our dispute?… This is the message » indicated in an interview granted to Trace TV.

The young singer, Dety Darba, the young playwright and musician, Mzee Mbukuli and the percussionist and traditional dancer, Ives Ndagano will be on stage on Sunday beside Akon. All coming from Goma (North-Kivu), a zone where violent confrontations often occur.

For Akon, acting for development of Africa is a duty. He has besides called on others African from the Diaspora to support the efforts of the continent.

« I am African. My mother, my father, they were all born in Africa. All my family is in Africa. (…) My foundation is enormously mobilizing itself for children, education and health in Africa. And we found ways of helping the community. We Africans from the Diaspora, we have to support our community« , specified Akon.

  Original text by: Roger ADZAFO

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