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Fashion: Selly Raby Kane presenting Dakar in 2244

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What would the clothing of inhabitants of Dakar would look like in 2244? The Senegalese fashion designer Selly Raby Kane gave us the answer on Saturday in the hall of the old station of Dakar. Known for her avant-gardist creations, Selly Raby Kane (called Séraka) will combine among others fashion, sculpture, video, music to present the decoration of his dream city.

« What is really going to carry « Alien Cartoon » is the collection, the sound creation which was organized and the decorations which are being built at the Station of Dakar », she specified.

The creator imagines the Senegalese capital town invaded by foreigners. It is the clothing of the latter that will influence the clothing style of the inhabitants of Dakar.

« Alien Cartoom » has  » a big link with the creative universe in which I always live and the one that I wanted to express: it is this world that is trying to get into future, trying to know of what the future will be made in terms of events, but also in terms of music, literature, architecture, etc. » she explained.

After her law studies in France, she did not opt for the toga. Fascinated by fashion since her childhood, Selly Raby Kane succeeded in choosing the job that fascinated her by making her first internship of styling at Claire Kane. In 2008 she presented Séraka, a collection that expresses the liberal vision of the creator.

On the same stage, she presented dresses in jeans, dimity, silk, wax and in a lot of other materials. « I was much under stress but apparently people liked the presentation », she declared at the end of her baptism of fire that opened her the door to the big league.

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