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Flaviana Matata: electrician and top model! God created me perfect! »

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She is not afraid of words and she is so beautiful that we can only approve… « I am an electrician of profession and besides, top model in my country. I believe that God created me perfect as a real pure and natural African woman. »

Flaviana Matata was born on 9th June 1988 in Tanzania.

She was the winner of the first edition of Miss Universe Tanzania competition held in 2007 and she represented her country in Miss Universe competition the same year. She finished at the sixth position. We should believe that God also created women even more beautiful than her…

She then very quickly made a golden place in fashion in making show or in posing for magazines all over the world.

A sacred career path for this former student in electric engineering at the university in Arusha, Tanzania.

She adores her shaved hair: « I was used to being a tomboy and I am always looking like that. I had never seen a queen of beauty with a bald head before, then I thought that I am going to try. I went, I won. »

Her life was not easy. Her mother died in a ferry wreck. Flaviana was only nine years old.

In 2011, she launched Flaviana Matata foundation that actively works for education and development of girls in Tanzania. « I help about fifteen local orphanages. I am as their mother. Children are my greatest source of inspiration. They are always hopeful and full of dreams and projects.

She declared about her Tanzania: « I think that Lushoto in Usambara Mountains is one of the best-kept secrets of Tanzanian tourism. Situated at the top in the mountain, this city was built by German colonists and is as Switzerland in terms of landscape and tranquility. The climate is cool and the vegetation suitable for beautiful hikes ».

God also thought of creating a little piece of heaven on the earth…


Original text by: Nicolas Coutain
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