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Intercities in Ivory Coast: an innovation in Africa, and a real success!

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The first edition of Intercities games shot in Africa (Ivory Coast) in live conditions came to an end on Saturday March, 29th with the victory of the city of Séguéla, situated at 592 km far in the Northwest of Abidjan. A total of 16 cities participated in this audiovisual program of entertainment produced by Broadcasting Radio Television of Ivory Coast ( RTI) in association with Mistral.

4000 spectators witnessed, in the sports park of Treichville, the finale of the Intercities games that took place on last Saturday, opposing the city of Séguéla to the University of Ivory Coast. The students were beaten with a difference of two points (10-8).

The games were essentially composed of a series of physical tests (on water, on the ground and in the air). This program according to initiators entered the context of the « project of national reconciliation launched after several years of sociopolitical crisis. »

The quality of broadcasting program seduced the managers of French-speaking TV5 channel. This program will then be broadcast on the channel based in France in July 2014. The managing director of TV5 Monde, Yves Bigot and the director of TV5 Afrique, Denise Epoté, attented the finale.

Intercities is a TV program conceived in France about fifty years ago. It was exported in several countries of which China.


Original text by: Roger ADZAFO

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