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Food supply in schools: Togo is inspired by the Brazilian success

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scolaireThere is not only football that attracts in Brazil. The country that will welcome in a few hours the World cup 2014 inspires the Togolese authorities at education level. As an emerging country, Brazil improved the conditions of life and study of 47 million young people by offering them hot meals to the canteen. The initiative fascinated Togo that is also committed to offer hot meals to 400.000 Togolese pupils.

A strong Togolese delegation composed of representatives of six ministries of the country is in mission of information in Brazil. They will be better informed about the mechanisms set up to make successful the food supply in schools in this country.

For Togolese Minister of Education, Florent Manganawé, the objective of the government is to offer a hot meal daily to every pupil. The Minister specified that the ingredients that will be used for the cooking of this food will be essentially local products.

In an interview granted to the site RepubliqueofTogo, Koami Ayité Adedjé, the coordinator of the project ‘DEV’, the promotion of the sustainable food supply in schools in Togo, indicated that 19 Brazilian ministries are involved in the implementation of this initiative.

Togo already having a food supply in schools policy, the Brazilian experience will allow strengthening the actions of the government in this domain.

« The idea is to create a multisectorial environment to effectively manage this program. Togo learnt from Brazil that children can be fed from local productions. Parents produce and a part is sent to school. The advantages are triple: children study, the local economy develops and agriculture gets a kick start », explained Koami Ayité Adedjé.

Kindly note that for the time being, only 67.000 Togolese pupils benefit from the food supply in schools policy.

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