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Ghislain Yibokou: the young man labeling products «made in Togo»

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Ghislain Sitou Yibokou (photo) belongs to the list of young Togolese entrepreneurs who had the original idea to value products and local services in printing them an identity and promoting them on the national, regional and international levels.

For that, they have just set up an authentic concept called MADE IN TOGO including an internet platform and a quality label, « Made in Togo« .

Launched on Thursday in Lomé, the project intends to make known entrepreneurs, engineers, designers, craftsmen.

According to the promoters, accent will be put on the Togolese talent and technological innovation.

In other words, the label « Made in Togo » aims at being a trademark making reference to Togolese origin of the products.

The other mission assigned to the label is to contribute to fight against imitation and piracy of Togolese products thanks to an IT plan that will be set up in the next days for products authentication.

Where did the idea of MADE IN TOGO creation come from? To this question, Mr. Yibokou, managing partner of the platform, answered us in simple terms.

« We noticed that there are many Togolese productions that stay in anonymity. Young people think, deploy their energy to invent but are not recognized and among which services and products are not considered. It is a double frustration to which made in Togo is putting an end« .

How can we buy a product that we don’t know its existence? Wondered Mr. Yibokou who underlined that « it is to show the values of products and present them to the public that the project is shaped« .

For all the advantages, the project received the blessing of Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Togo (CCIT).

Present at the launching ceremony, Germain Méba, the first vice-president of the CCIT suggested for his part that « the concept comes to boost the idea of use Togolese products of the 1990s ».

« It is a noble cause and the CCIT is delighted tosupport this label. This commercial gate is going to boost the implantation of other economic operators through creations of new products and big innovations« , added the latter.

In order to consult Togolese inventions and innovations: web sites of Togo, mining resources, farm products, fishing, breeding and forestry development, the public is invited to connect to the directory.

The Internet page includes several sections: news, artist of the week, page / profile of the day, colleges, hotels / bars / restaurants, art and galleries, libraries and points of sale and many others.

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