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Invest in real estate business: the Top 5 cities in Africa

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The world portal for the real estate lists the regional « hotspots » for office spaces.

Ethiopia is the most affordable place to invest in real estate business in Africa while Morocco is the area of the most expensive office spaces of the region according to the new data published on Friday by the portal of the world real estate company, Lamudi.

The price of the office spaces in the Summit district in Addis Ababa amounts to an average of 1039.61 Ethiopian Birr, approximately a little more than $50 the square meter.

On the other hand, offices in the area of Guéliz in Marrakesh, Morocco cost on average $2,300 the square meter.

The ranking of the real estate business is based on the average prices per square meter from the prices of the announcements on the Lamudi site that covers more than 30 countries in the emerging markets.

The list of the Top Five takes into account at the same time the accessibility, as well as the availability of offer of the commercial properties in every region in order to determine the main places of investment in office spaces outside of the regular business central districts.

Westlands, a very rich district of the Kenyan capital, Nairobi, is listed second as for the best places of investment in office space. The purchase of an office in the region where the company owners can find the most affordable commercial properties outside of the business central district of the city, costs on average $664.23.

To complete the five first places where to buy office space in Africa, there are Anthony in Lagos, Nigeria ($770.16 US / m²); the harbor city of Zarzis in Tunisia ($871.28 / m²) and Béjaia, a port in Algeria ($1004.98 / m²).


Original text by: Alwihda Info

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