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Nigeria: Dangote establishing the biggest tomato factory in Africa

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The richest man of Africa, the Nigerian billionaire, Aliko Dangote, continues having noble ambitions for the Black continent.

In the realization of his multiple projects intended for the development of his native Nigeria, Dangote could well find solutions for the difficulties to which the tomato producers of the State of Kano, of which he is native, are confronted particularly, outlets for their fruits.

Well, Dangote Tomato Processing Factory (DTPF), a processing unit, is henceforth operational.

Equipped with a processing capacity of 1200 tons per day, the infrastructure that is described as the biggest factory of this kind in Africa, constitutes a wonderful chance for the region, estimated, Ashwin Patil, one of the agricultural engineers of the company.

« We shall use the standard rates for the producers who will supply us. So our factory will contribute to assure a certain price stability of the commodity. We shall also help them by teaching them the cultural techniques liable to boost the production« , he asserted.

For Dr. Niyi Odunlami, consultant at the Staple Crop Processing Zones (SCPZ), one of the divisions of the Nigerian Ministry of Agriculture, the installation of the processing unit constitutes the best motivation for the tomato cultivation in the region.

He considers that the infrastructure will participate in the professionalization of the sector and could eventually contribute to assure the self-sufficiency of the country as regards to tomato.


 Original text by: Blaise AKAME

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