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IVM: the first car fully made in Nigeria

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Innoson Vehicle Manufacturing (IVM) is a manufacturing car company belonging to Innoson Group established by the Nigerian businessman, Innocent Chukwuma, Officer of the Order of Niger (OON).

Since the 70s, IVM has imported products from the automotive sector of China, Japan and Germany, and has satisfied itself with assembling them. Heavy cars, among which buses, trucks, and 4×4 are concerned.

The company especially aimed at readjusting these foreign cars to the African environment and at affordable prices.

The company also provides good services and spare parts for the repairing of cars, the purpose being to answer at best the specific demands of the customers.

Today the company makes a big step and realizes its first car fully made in Nigeria, all the parts being Nigerian.

Nigeria recently become the first economy of the continent in front of South Africa, has thus set the tone to the other African countries.

Let us hope they will follow the rhythm and for the whole Africa to take advantage from it.


Original text by: NegroNews

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