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K.Houngbeme: West Africa in the spotlights of showbiz metronome

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The Beninese, Kodjo Houngbeme is since 7th July 2014, the regional manager of the Trace Tv channel. The boss of the label « NOUVELLE DONNE MUSIC » (based in Paris) will be in charge of the launching of the value-added mobile services for TRACE, the creation of localized media (radios, televisions, digital platforms) and the development of partnerships with the local audiovisual actors, brands, agencies, artists and authorities of West Africa.

The skills of Kodjo Houngbeme exactly cover Benin (his native country), Burkina Faso and Togo. Before his new functions, the Beninese operated during 15 years in the showbiz. He participated in the success of several artists as the Beninese, Dibi Dobo and the Ivorians DJ Arafat and Espoir 2000.

Kodjo Houngbeme is a great connoisseur of the music industry; his structure (NOUVELLE DONNE MUSIC) collaborated with the biggest labels of moment as Universal, Sony, Warener and Emi. The commitment of the man for Africa started long time ago. Since 2005 he has been trying to reduce the gap between Africa and the West in the domain of Entertainment.

« I am between Abidjan (that is according to me the moving plate of showbiz in Africa) and Paris. Then, I made the decision to make of Benin my base on the continent, because it is my country and all my family is there; the country is too much late with regard to other communities in the domains of Entertainment, and moreover, I am ashamed to be a showbiz metronome and not being capable of proudly showing Beninese artists outside« , declared Houngbeme.


Original text by: Roger ADZAFO

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