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Kenya: A concert by PLAN for the education of the young girls

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The great voices of the African music are getting together in favor of education of the girls on the continent. The international NGO, PLAN announced for the coming October, a huge concert in Nairobi (Kenya) in which will take part the South African Yvonne Chaka Chaka, the Zimbabwean Oliver Mutukidzi and the Kenyan Suzanna Owiyi.

The show of PLAN is organized within the framework of the project « Because I Am a Girl« . According to the charity organization for the promotion of children rights, 1 child over 5 has no access to education in Africa.

« The initiative aims at denouncing discrimination between sexes all over the world by focusing on disparities in poverty, violence and discrimination that prevents a girl over five from educational. Not only it is unjust, but it is also an immense wasting of potential which world consequences are serious« , explained Mr. Angerer quoted by the Chinese agency Xinhua.

Plan is a NGO of international solidarity without political, religious or governmental link. Created in 1973, it is active in 50 countries and employs 7000 agents.


Original text by: Roger ADZAFO


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