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Kenya: A voyage at the heart of business from 8th to 10th October

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Nairobi, the capital town of Kenya welcomes from 8th to 10th October Magical Kenya Voyage Expo (MKTE).

An exhibition that will gather about 170 representatives of travelling business from 36 countries.

Through this exhibition, the Kenyan government would like to show that « Kenya is safe and opened to business« .

According to the managing director of Kenyan Tourism Board (KTB), Muriithi Ndegwa (photo), the country strengthens its marketing campaign « to attract customers from the main markets at a time when the number of tourists visiting the country decreases because of terrorist acts operated by the Somalian Islamist group Al-Chebaab« .

We should note that tourism is the second exchange receipts source for Kenya after tea, with tourist attraction as safaris in 19 national parks and hunting reserves.

The income of tourism in Kenya reached about 1,1 billion dollars for the exercise 2012-2013, against 1,18 billion dollars for the previous period.


Original text by: Blaise AKAME

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