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Lady Ka Fashion: fashion show and dance

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The artist singer, Lady Ka, of her real name Christine Kabagema, wishes of setting up a show allying fashion show and choreographic dance at the Grand Theatre where every African country will be represented.

The objective is to offer something else than what is performed during the classic shows, she said.
This concept by the artist called « Lady Ka Fashion » will be a way of « bringing out the model on this motionless side that is not express ». « When we make them dance, their personality stands out more and that shows all the accessories », she explained.

In an interview granted to the APS, Lady Ka, Rwandan of origin, added that it will be a matter of « setting up a permanent team » made up of 25 Senegalese models among whom twenty women who will perform all the choreographies of the show.

She explained this high number of women by the fact that there are « more clothes proposed to women than to the men ».

According to her, the team will be capable of proposing a service for the promotion and the success of every type of products (clothes and fashion accessory) for countries as Senegal, Rwanda, Mali, Ethiopia or South Africa.

Through this concept, it will be a matter of welcoming every month an African country that will be invited in order to reveal its clothing and musical culture through fashion show and dance, with crafts that will be exhibited on the eve of the great show.

Artist, photographer, songwriter, Lady Ka grew up in Uganda but lived for a long time in France where she was a model in the 80s. She was crazy about music when performing on the stage of Olynmpia where she was hired as chorus-singer by Enrico Macias in 1985.

The hit, « Casting » she sang within the group  »Ladies » in 1986, made the tour of the Western Europe, particularly Germany and Switzerland according to her. The texts of the songs are essentially in French but also in English and in local language of Rwanda.

Settled down in Senegal since 2006 when she is living on her passion, the photography, she tells her awareness of jealousy for music which gets the upper hand over this art. Lady Ka thus decides to exclusively dedicate herself to music.

Original text by: Roger ADZAFO

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