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Omar Victor Diop: the new face of photography in Africa

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Nothing predestined him to photography businesses. Certified at the Business College of Paris, the Senegalese Omar Victor Diop (33 years old) worked for companies Ernst & Young and British & American Tobacco (BAT) before finding his vocation. The specialist of fashion and portraits pictures began his young professional career with the project « Le Futur du Beau (The Future of Beauty) », displayed at the Biennial event of African Photography of Bamako (Meetings of Bamako) of 2011. Omar Victor Diop is displaying from the 1st March to the 6th September 2014 at “Maison de l’Afrique” (House of Africa) in Spain.

He belongs to the new generation of Africans who decided to stay in Africa to effectively participate in the development of the continent. With his forward-looking productions, Omar Victor Diop distanced himself from « the almost melancholic nostalgia art » that characterizes French-speaking Africa.

« Le Futur du Beau« , the first project of the Senegalese artist photographer shows what « sustainable » fashion will look like in 2112. The artist dresses his models in kraft papers decorated with sponges.

Omar Victor Diop immortalized in 2013 the face of African urban cultural scene with the project the « Studio Des Vanités (Studio Of Vanities. » He realized a series of portraits (artists, TV presenters) who recalled cultural wealth of West Africa.

Overflowing with imagination, he is working with a French-American, the photographer Antoine Tempé on « Onomollywood« , a project that consists of imagining classic Americans in an African universe.

The works of Omar Victor Diop were already displayed in Brussels, Lisbon, Bamako and Panama. He draws the attention of international media (RFI, BBC, CNN) fascinated by his pictures.


Original text by: Roger ADZAFO

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