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Lapodini Atouga: «Africans are capable of financing their own development»

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During a symposium on mobilization and governance of internal resources for development financing in West Africa kept on Wednesday in Dakar, Senegal, ECOWAS commissioner in charge of agriculture, made a « relevant » speech that many people appreciated the value.

Talking about development of the continent, Marc Lapodini Atouga considered that « we cannot build a house without a solid foundation« .

« Development has never been exogenous. It is always impulsed in an endogenous way. Our internal resources should thus be mobilized as much as possible in order to impulse our development« , he said.

For the latter, African countries can really begin their development by the implementation of mechanisms of exploitation of their internal resources and avoiding at most foreign aids.

According to him, « internal resources are what governments collect as taxes, income on local activities and the financing of their projects should be made with these internal resources« .

Marc Lapodini Atouga considered that « it is a bad habit » for African States to base their projects on foreign aids.

« When we set up a program or a project, we do not wonder where funds will come from. We are always in the dynamics where we expect financing from outside. Nevertheless, this financing we get is debts we collect« , he explained.

« We cannot aspire to development by counting on helps from outside. With the conditions some of these funds impose us, we cannot succeed so easily. It is not possible, it is rather suicidal« , he warned.

The ECOWAS Commissioner suggested to African States to look for ways and means to set up effective mechanisms of resources collection.

« Everywhere else, people put mechanisms to collect internal resources. We have to do the same to begin our development. If we cannot invent, we have to imitate at least by adapting the systems they set up in our situation« , supported the latter.

Original text by: Blaise AKAME

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