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Macky Sall: «the challenge is not to become a billionaire but to be useful»

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We all have our own point of view on the money we earn, fruit of our efforts in terms of salary, fees, per diem allowance, pay, of bonus and others.

And as far as heads of States are concerned, mainly African heads of States, we are curious as to know how they spend their money, millions of francs some of them handle at the expense of the taxpayer.

Do they use taxpayers’ money for questionable purposes in terms of luxurious cars or sumptuous houses? Do they have several wives or girlfriends? Do they often travel with private jets? There so many questions about which we are perplexed.

On this matter, President Macky Sall declares to our colleagues at « Pouvoirs d’ Afrique » that he shares what he possesses with his close relations, « with those who surround me« , he specifies.

According to the first Senegalese citizen, the idea we can have of money can vary.

« In Africa, we have another relation with money than in the West. It is not specific to the president of Republic. Any employee will tell it you that his money should serve his family; it is the way we are educated« , supports Macky Sall.

« As far as I am concerned, when I was student, I used to give half of my grant to my mother. If you grow up in this logic, you will be accustomed to sharing. The ambition is not to become a billionaire, but to be useful, helping others to solve their problems« , concludes the latter.


Original text by: Blaise AKAME

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