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Literature: Ago Tchao published «Tales and Legends of Togo»

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The Togolese writer, Badanadu Ago Tchao, proceeded last Friday to the launching of his collection « Contes et Légendes du Togo » (Tales and Legends of Togo), published at the Continents Editions. The work, made up of 14 tales, safeguards the cultural treasure of Togo. For the author of the work, it is compulsory to complete instructions received at modern school with our African values.


« We go to school today and we are educated, but it is not enough to effectively contribute to the development of our country. We have to go back to our African culture because it is the one that can help us to blossom and to work effectively in the sense of the real development of our country », clarified Badanadu Ago Tchao.


Tales and legends, used for a long time in Africa to convey messages to the youngest, lose their place in our modern societies. Badanadu Ago Tchao considers that his collection is an invitation to the youth to reconcile to their own culture.


« Parents meanwhile resigned from the education that they should give to their children and young people and today, they do not have basic education, our knowledge, what we have as cultural. Young people do not acquire their own cultures for different reasons », he explained.



Original text by: Roger ADZAFO


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