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Matshidiso Moeti Rebbeca: the new Manager for WHO Africa

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As Africa Top Success reported it earlier to you that they were five to desire the post of Regional manager for WHO Africa, the Botswanese candidate, Matshidiso Moeti Rebbeca outclassed her competitors: Prof. Dorothée Kindé Akoko Gazard (Benin), Prof. Thérèse N’Dri Yoman (Ivory Coast), Dr. Fatoumata Nafo Traoré (Mali) and Dr Jean-Marie Okwo-Bele (Congo). The new boss for WHO Africa will take function in February, 2015.

The Botswanese Matshidiso Moeti Rebbeca was elected on Wednesday, 5th November 2014 at the head of the Regional Office for the World Health Organization (WHO) for Africa. She has so succeeded to the Angolan, Dr. Luis Sambo at the end of his term.

Matshidiso Moeti Rebbeca is not new in the UN institutions. Until March 2014, she was Regional assistant manager for WHO Africa. Matshidiso makes a commitment to work with all health actors from 47 member countries of the institution, including the unfortunate candidates in order to improve the expertise of the African health system.

« It is through this system that governments are capable of delivering the very important prevention service and also curative services for diseases. We are going to make a strong plea so that Health sector in Africa is better financed by member States themselves but also by the international partners. This is the basis of all member States are going to do« , declared the happy elected.

We should note the strong solidarity of Southern Africa behind the Botswanese candidacy contrary to the candidates from West Africa who reduced their chance by not opting for a single candidacy.

In Benin, the press castigates the delay taken by the government in the campaign in favor of Prof. Dorothée Kindé Akoko Gazard. « From sources close to the presidency of Republic, we heard that government took time to put means at the disposal of the candidate from Benin. As a result: over 47 African countries, the Beninese candidate beat campaign in only two« , regretted site.


Original textby: Roger ADZAFO

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