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Mobile telephony in Ivory Coast: 8 billion FCFA registered daily

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Mobile telephony in Ivory Coast is in full progress and in spite of the various crises experienced by the country, this sector continues growing.

Tuesday, 13th May in Abidjan, the Ivorian minister of Post offices, Information and Communication Technologies, Bruno Nabagné Koné (photo) declared that « more than 8 billion FCFA are daily registered in financial transactions in Ivory Coast« .

It was during the opening ceremony of a stock-exchange information department called « Infos BRVM » (regional stock exchange of securities).

« That concerns only five million mobile money subscribers« , specified Mr. Koné, Government Spokesman.

According to the statistics from the Telecommunication Regulation Authority (ARTCI) on 31st December 2014, Ivory Coast registered more than 22 million subscribers for a penetration rate of 97.50 %.

Note that six (06) operators are sharing the Ivorian market. The development of the mobile telephony sector is due to a real will of the Ivorian government to join the ICTS trend and be more flexible as for the future economic stakes; this, by being equipped with modern telecommunication structures.


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