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Morocco: Three students created a robot for handicapped persons

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They are engineering science students and they are carrying an innovative and useful project that shows the potential of the young Moroccans.

They are three young students who have just worked out a robot that can help people with reduced mobility to realize certain movements of a single look.

Baptized « Red Silence« , the project has for objective of combine « innovation and humanity« .

With regard to its conception, the intelligent robot should be capable of understanding and realizing movements that the handicapped people are not capable of realizing themselves, as opening a window or to switch off the light.

This understanding is only made by the look according to the direction of eyes.

The idea came from one of the students whose grandmother was suffering from the Parkinson’s disease. One day, he wondered why she was fixing with intensity a frame that she finally wanted to move.

They took part in the Imagine Cup that is a world competition of technologies intended for young students of the whole world.

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