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Rachid Deriche: Algerian engineering of research!

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Rachid Deriche1Rachid Deriche is a blossoming man. The Algerian, graduate at the Polytechnical school of Algiers in 1970s, was the winner of the EADS prize 2013.

Rachid Deriche was also certified at the graduate school of Telecommunications (Paris). He, very early, specialized himself in technics of spatial and spectral filtering. He is also Doctor of the university of Paris Dauphine-1982-

In 1988, the Robotviz team settled down in Sophia Antipolis where Rachid Deriche created ATHENA in 2010. Authorized to conduct researches (Nice Sophia Antipolis university) since 1991, he has trained around thirty PhD students and taught in engineering school and in Master’s degree, in particular in the recent international Master’s degree « Computational Biology and Biomedicine » of UNS.

Scientific consultant with Saffron group, and in the past with Poseidon and Ifp, he is also VP of Doctoral School STIC (UNS), member of CS of Olea Medical and of UNS and member of CA of AFRIF and GRETSI.

At the head of a research team at the national Institute of IT research and in automatic (Inria) in France, he was just rewarded by the French Science Academy for the whole of his works.

Grand Prix EADS is intended to reward all the works « of a scientific personality in a French laboratory, which contributed in an exceptional way to the dynamism and to the brilliance of IT research with a remarkable cooperation with industry ».

He thus successfully presided over the research center Irina of Sophia Antipolis.

He dedicated this prize that was rewarded to him on October, 15th 2013 to his family and to his collaborators.

Before Rachid Deriche, another Algerian had already received in 2011 this prize of French Science Academy. Dr Lahcen Ouahab, – graduate of Constantine university, specialist in nanotechnology and chemistry research and leader at CNRS (National Center for Science Research) at the University of Rennes.

Here is the portrait he made of himself on the site of Inria
“I am a research leader at INRIA in Sophia Antipolis – Mediteranean Research center where I direct ATHENA project team centered on computational imaging of central nervous system.

I also follow teaching of graduate courses on biomedical imaging, vision by computer and picture processing in Master’s degree after Sciences 2: Master’s degree of Science in computational biology and Parisian Master’s degree in IT research and in engineering that follows Telecom school Sud Paris.

I am a deputy director of Doctoral School STIC and from September 2007 to June 2010, I was member of INRIA Sophia Antipolis – Mediterranean Management, vice-president of the committee Sophia INRIA project team and committee member of INRIA evaluation.

I am an associate editor of SIAM Newspaper on sciences of imaging (SIIMS), committee member of editorial staff of digital imaging and series of books of vision and I was a co-chairman of CIPR 2010: Piste VI: biocomputing and biomedical applications. I was associate editor during years for magazines such as IJCV and zone-president during many conferences as ECCV, ICCV, CVPR, MICCAI, RFIA, etc. ISBI.

Interests of research: my expertise and interests of research concern computational imaging of central nervous system (SNC) – brain and spinal cord), 3D Vision and mathematics image processing. More recently, I changed my interest of research from the domain of vision by 3D computer to the domain of SNC Computational Imaging with a particular accent on understanding and processing of the central nervous system anatomical connectivity by MRI of distribution and its combination with other modalities such as IRMf, MEG or EEG. More generally, I am very interested in development and application of mathematical and computing methods of imaging to help understand how the brain works and acquire a better understanding of its mechanisms.”

My email: [email protected]



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