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Reki Moussa: A business manageress with golden heart

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In Niger (one of the world poorest countries), rises a woman whose hardworking, ingenuity and generosity make the happiness of thousands of people in Niger. Reki Moussa is at the head of Asusu, the biggest micro-finance institution of the country.

Certified in economy, Reki Moussa made her first experiences in the universe of micro-finance at the Care international NGO. She so got the opportunity to work on Mata Masu Dubara project (« Creative Women »), the first micro-finance of Niger created in 1990.

Convinced that she had just discovered a solution that could bring thousands of fellow countrymen out of poverty, she left the Care NGO and created her own association called Asusu. She was alone to believe in this new adventure.

« I was told that it would never work. I exactly wanted to show that it was possible; it is this challenge that has made me move forward« , she declared.

With determination, she has increased meetings, tirelessly crossed the country in search for support. The new association quickly counts 120 000 members and Reki Moussa decides in 2008 to create the Asusu S.A limited company. It has become the major financial partner for young entrepreneurs and women in rural (95 %) and urban areas.

Her company granted credit to 265 000 people and employs more than 300 agents.

Reki continues her charitable works via her association that participates in the schooling of girls in a country where the girl schooling rate is at 10 % (in 2001). The association assured the education of 10.000 girls in 2010.

« We follow the schooling of these girls thanks to our agents in the various areas whom make sure they do not give up. It is a project that means a lot to me because it is a basic right for girls to have access to education« , She concluded.femme-or


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