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Robert Mugabe: His wife could succeed to him at the head of Zimbabwe

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The First lady of Zimbabwe, Grace Mugabe, announced last Thursday her ambition to stand for the presidential election in order to succeed to her husband at the head of the country, reported APA agency.

Taking the floor last Thursday in Mazowe, a city situated at 40 km from Harare the capital town, Mrs Mugabe declared: « People say that I want to be president, why not? Am I not a Zimbabwean? ».

She explained to the war veterans of liberation of Zimbabwe war that she was ready to succeed to President Mugabe if the latter at present 90 years old, leaves the power before the end of his mandate set in 2018.

In a very severe critic towards her most fierce rival, the vice-president Joice Mujuru, Grace Mugabe, at present 49 years old, asked the resignation of the government of Mujuru that she accuses of not having required competence to rule the country.

« Mujuru is not a part of people capable of ruling this country. She would only bring Zimbabwe back to its former position before the independence« , declared Mrs. Mugabe.

Mujuru is considered as the most serious threat against Mrs. Grace Mugabe for the presidency, because of her wild opposition to the appointment, at the beginning of the year, of the First lady at the head of the women’s League of Zanu-PF, the party in power.

The announcement made by Grace Mugabe occurred on calculations around the health status of President Mugabe who, according to certain analysts, could not end his mandate at the head of the country.

Mugabe, who came to power after the independence of Zimbabwe in 1980, travelled a lot to abroad these recent years in order to undergo medical treatments.

Original text by: Blaise AKAME

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