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Senegal: no woman, no development!

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The question of development in Africa can be only thought, conceived and elaborated with the implication of women.

Involving woman in decision-making, endowing them with necessary tools to be autonomous, would be the answer to the development problem of the continent.

This is in short the position expressed on Thursday in Dakar, Senegal by the Senegalese magistrate, Malick Lamotte, cabinet director of the Minister of Justice.

Mr. Lamotte gave the following statement at the opening ceremony of training on « the multisectorial approach » for the implementation of the protocol in the African Charter of human and peoples’ rights concerning the rights of the women.

For the latter, « the fact of not resorting to the skills of women slows down development regarding realizations of Millennium Development Goals (MDG) ».

This Senegalese magistrate supports that « the sex-based discrimination is a major brake to the development of Africa« .

And he added: « the participation of women in the decision-making as well as their automatisms lead to an increase of household incomes« .

He underlines that Senegal made efforts by adopting in its legislation measures towards women.

Among other measures: the new statutory provision on Senegalese nationality that allows every Senegalese to pass on her nationality to her children born from a foreign father or even to give this one to her husband, as well as the law on parity.

Giving his opinion on the African Charter on Human and People’s Rights in its section relative to the rights of women, Malick Lamotte points out that effort was done, even if there is much to do again.

He suggests a multisectorial approach to allow the implementation of the charter in the remaining domains.


Original text by: Blaise AKAME

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