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Togo: female executives support the university excellence

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The celebration of the women month was the opportunity for the leader of the Female Executives Union of Togo (UFCa) to express their commitment beside the best Togolese female students. The association organized on 16th March at the University of Lomé, a meeting with female students placed under the theme: « what contribution from female executives and female students for the empowerment of Togolese women? »

For the female executives of Togo, female students have to be empowerment models for women in their various localities. Reason why they motivate their young sisters to develop excellence at the university.

« After this talk-debate, the UFCa-Togo suggests doing the follow-up and rewarding ten (10) best female students of the Faculties and Sciences Schools of the University of Lomé by taking care their fees for academic year 2015-2016« , declared Assibi Tchagbataou, UFCa Secretary General.


Original text by: Roger ADZAFO

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