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Senegal: Baba Maal is giving his support to local artists.

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Senegalese artist Baba Maal travelled last weekend to Fouladou (Senegal) to reaffirm his commitment to promotion of local artists of his country. The vocal leader of « Daande Leñol » group grants a particular attention to singers.

« I am convinced of artist’s talent of Fouladou whom I have just seen on stage. My visit to Pakour thus allowed me to discover other cultural aspects of our dear country, Senegal which cultural diversity suffers from no doubt », declared Baba Maal sponsor of the cultural event « Foyré Fouladou ».

The author of the famous song African Woman announced by the way his support for the artist Mayo Diao. « Mayo Diao who is a talented artist, after 14 years of folk experience, will chair the next event of the blues of the river. I am personally going to put a lot so that she succeeds in musical domain. I am ready to support her », he indicated. For the Senegalese artist, only culture can assure peace in the country.

After her studies at Academy of music, Baba Maal played in Wandama group before setting up in 1985 Daande Lenol. The artist is today a representative of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP).


 Original text by: Roger ADZAFO

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