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Togo: Bamondi, Makassi, artistic sector in mourning

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Sunday, 21st December 2014 would probably be one of the bad memories for the Togolese. The country lost in a single day two talents that make its pride.

Early in the morning, the Internet users were informed about the death of Makassi, the young dancer for the Toofan group. The latter was involved in a traffic accident.

The fans of the genius of the dance do not stop crying his disappearance when the news of the death of the international fashion designer, Blandine Sambiani-Bagnah plunges all the country into a deep sadness. Well known under the name, Bamondi, the fashion designer would be unwell since the end of the last edition of the of fashion show festival (17th – 23rd November 2014), the promoter of which she was.

As a reminder, this 4th edition of the biennial meeting for the African fashion also coincided with her 30 years of career. For the occasion, she invited 20 fashion designers and 50 national and international models.

On the social networks, the consternation is much.


Original text by: Roger ADZAFO

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